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Unit 6 Week 2 - Live Life Abundantly: Living Life - John 10:10

Unit Theme: Live Life Abundantly

Unit 6 Introductory Explanation: Paul lived a life of starvation, deprivation, torture, homelessness, ship wreck and eventually beheading.

Peter started his life poor and died poor, crucified upside down on a cross.

John was boiled alive, imprisoned on a island, chased from his home.

The price for following Jesus has always been high, and if the bible and the words of Paul and Jesus are to be believed, remains high today.  Yet, the reward for following Jesus, coming to the Lord, must be higher, or why would you, any of your students or anyone who has ever lived followed the Way?  This month's Unit Verse is about the reward, #LivingLife Abundantly.  Just keep in the back of your mind, Jesus came into the world to save us from spiritual warfare, not financial or medical warfare.  Christians are still killed in wars; still die for illnesses; are still unjustly put to death.  You need to look no further than the lives of those who wrote the scriptures for confirmation that the rewards we are talking about is the Power of Spirit of God, not the power of gold.  We will explore in this unit what having life is and having it more abundantly, how it will change and enhance our day to day lives.  We will not cover how to get rich so God is Happy with us.

Unit Verse: John 10:10 "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly."

Unit Warm up Before Class

Name of Game: The Sheep's Guard

 a) A large pool noodles, Monster Noodle Pool Noodle Foam Asstd Colors - 1 noodle.

b) A teen, responsible larger child or an adult to play the roll of "Shepherd" or Sheep's Guard. 

c) An open space large enough to have the children run around in and interact.  I have used a large ring of chairs or gone outside.  It is all good.  Just keep safety in mind

d) Two or Three hula hoops.  I make my own.  If you want to make your own, click Here or you can buy them from Amazon and have them shipped, rather than driving to a toy store. This is their offering for  dozen 30 inch hula hoops. US Games Standard Hoops, 30-Inch. Hula hoops can be used nearly every class, every week of every year.  

How to Play the Game:
    a) Select or ask for volunteers to be "Sheep" in this game, and place them in the middle of the floor standing, sitting, kneeling, it does not matter, in the middle of the hula hoops.
    b) Place the Shepherd near the hoops, with the pool noodle.
    c) Take the rest of the children, in this game the are the "Wolf Pack," and put them on the outside edge of the game area until you start the game.

    d) Say go, and the Wolf Pack attempts to attack the sheep by tagging them before the Guard or Shepherd touches him with their staff or pool noodle.  

          1) They are out, sitting down right where they were tagged by the noodle.
          2) The Guard is out if all of her/his sheep are tagged.
          3) If the Sheep in the hula hoops are tagged, they get up and leave.
          4) The game continues until there are no more wolves or they stop attacking.

Why we are Playing the Game – Our unit verse based John 10 1- 9 where Jesus is using a metaphor for poor spiritual guidance, in this case the Pharisees, and it's price to the followers of these poor shepherds.  This game will help them understand what a Shepherd must do, and how hard it is. 

As with every start up game, the physical purpose is to pull your students out of where they are mentally, and into your class room, so make sure it is fun. 

Before you actually start your lesson, each week this month, ask them what a Shepherds Job is, what the Wolves had to do to get the sheep, and what the sheep do.  

God Rocks Lesson Plan - Unit 6 Week 2 - Living Life

Purpose:  This weeks lesson is to teach what living or having life means in this verse:

John 10:10 "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly."

The most obvious meaning of having life is that they might have eternal life, for without that, this is nothing but a short term hollow promise of happy times.  However, it also implies that this life will start is immediate; once they have accepted Jesus as their savior.  That would mean there is a change in their lives NOW as well. This life that they will have now is a spiritual life, one of truth, knowledge, light and less fear, because the Holy Spirit will change them forever.

Order of Class:
(1-3 are always the same, and totally optional)

1) Opening Prayer - mention anything you think needs to be prayed about, including the needs of your students.  You might want to ask them their needs.

2) Praise and Worship

3) Offering - make sure they know where or what the money collected is going toward.  You are not teaching them anything if they are not participating by choice.

4) Explanatory Game: - The Sheep's Guard Extreme

Play the same game you played before, but have 1 sheep totally surrounded by guards, so that there is no chance to tag the one sheep. I have even gone so far as to surround the one student in the hula hoop with many hula hoops and declared them out of bounds, meaning the wolves cant go there or over them. 

The point is to make it impossible for the wolves to win.  Let them play it out anyway, because knowing the total safety for the one is the entire point.

      4b) Explaining the meaning of the Game:
      A) When you are done, ask them why the Wolves lost.  You are looking for, "It was not fair." "Superior Force," or even "It was impossible," so lead them in that direction.

      B) Once they all agree that it was impossible to get to the sheep, tell them that they are "God's Sheep," and that Jesus is the Shepherd.

 Gather all the students, and start asking questions. You can ask questions based on your observations, but I suggest you ask the following ones too.

Explain the "Have Life" part of the Verse:

            1) Have someone read the Unit Verse, 
John 10:10 "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly."

            2) Ask them if they knew the wolves were NEVER going to get to them in their game above, how would the person in the middle act?  Scarred? Relaxed?  

            3) Ask what would they feel like if they were in the center of the ring in the game, and real wolves jumped out at them?  Ask them what in that situation would make them afraid. (Death and pain) Now ask them if they knew that the wolves could not touch them, the real wolves, if they would still be afraid?

            4) Now, tell them 
this is Jesus promising us that if we follow him, the Good Shepherd, we will have:
                 4a) A far calmer, less stressful and happier life because we become part of the
                       community of the Children of God, like being relaxed in the game above. 

                 4b) If the attackers were more serious than just friends, business and life
                       attacking them, more like reals wolves, that were trying to rip us away
                       from life eternal and God, Jesus says he will provide calm even then

5) Building on the Lesson - Ask them who in their lives provides that type of Love now, where they can always go for comfort?  (Parents or guardians.) Tell them that is why God is called Father, because he Loves us like our parents love and provide for us.  Even more so.

6) Summary - Ask them what the game taught them about wolves an safety?

7) There is Still Time: If you have run out of things to do but still have time, then play - the unit warm up game again.

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