Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Introduction to God Rocks Sunday School Lesson Planning System

What is God Rocks Sunday School Lesson Planning System

50 Monthly Units, broken into weekly 260 weekly lesson plans, covering 5 years of bible study for children 1st grade through 6th grade. It's also FREE.  Feel Free to Donate with the donate button included in each lesson plan, but we don't keep track.

Why Did We Create It? 

We wanted to create a lesson planning system that ignored individual denominational doctrine in favor of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as opened for us from the totality of the scriptures, so these lesson plans teach children Who Jesus is, What he did for us, what God's Plan was from the beginning, what it means to us and how we are to be his disciples in the World.

How is it used? 

Though it was designed to fit specific calendars, for ease of use, staring with 2015, you can teach each week completely on its own anywhere at any time. For example, you can teach the 3rd week of the first unit, which would correspond to week three of January 2015, on the last week of August 2045. It’s all good, because it’s all about our Lord, Jesus the Christ. If you would like, you can also us it with the current calendar, for example, unit one, week 4 is the 4th week of January 2015. Unit 13 week 1 is the 1st week of 2016. 

How is it organized? 

Every week has the same basic structure, but you do not have to follow the structure; it just happens to be the structure that the authors use both in Sunday School and on a Karate Floor, for over 20 years. It works, so you can do just what it says in the order it says it, but we have also learned that each instructor is a Gift From God her or himself, and changing it to fit within their own gifts is not only OK, but better.

We are not publishing it all at once, and each unit may be modified based on feedback we get for the over 10,000 people who already use our ideas. We are publishing it as we complete each unit. If you have specific requests, ideas, suggestions or needs, let us know, and we will happily create plug in modules, if given enough time to accommodate your needs.

Each unit has a “Theme” and a Verse from scripture that explains, illustrates or originates that theme. We use ESV (English Standard Version) because it annoys the fewest people, but feel free to use your own translation or your church's. With the Holy Spirit, it’s all good; without the Holy Spirit, it’s all for naught.

After the Monthly Unit’s Theme and Verse, the unit is broken into 4 to 6 weeks of individual questions about the unit’s Verse and how it applies to Our Lives, Jesus’s Life and how we can best follow our Lord. There is plenty of room for you to add points to the structure provided.

These are PHYSICAL lesson plans, in that we and the educational world in general, has proven beyond argument that Physical Activity, rather than stationary witness, teaches people of all ages better.  So we illustrate the point with actions that students take and do.  If you are used to "sit in the chair" type class plans, you find this very exciting and very effective, once you overcome the fear of losing control. You won't lose control, but that is a natural reaction for teachers with this type of lesson plan.

We assume 1 to 1.5 hours, but you can adapt the lesson plans to whatever time span you are provided with. We also assume that the Service or Children’s School starts with music and an offering, but that is also not needed. It is shown because it is a common practice within the church.

Warm Up?  Say What?

Finally, you will see a game/activity for every 3 or 4 unit’s called “Warm Up.” These are physical games that teach a lesson on behavior or understanding, though the children will never know that unless you teach the lesson. It is designed for an activity before the service actually starts. We hope to have the children arrive early, out of desire, dragging their family with them. 

It is NOT required, but it does increase the atmosphere of desire, and if you teach the lesson associated with the warm up, it is NOT just babysitting or dead time, but another relaxed opportunity to teach the children in our care what it feels like to act like, play like and be a follower of the Lord. It can be Fun, when you're a Christian. You can also add a craft here. If you want craft ideas, one of the authors is a fountain of children’s crafts, so we can help.

For more on who we are, Click Here.

For more information on how to teach with activities and games, Teaching with Games (Optional Printed Book)

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