Sunday, February 2, 2014

Kindness - Ephesians 4:32

Taken From High Pointe Church - Thompson MA
a) To teach the students that being kind to one another is bigger than just being kind to fellow Christians, but rather, we are being asked to be sacrificial as Jesus was for us, while we were yet sinners. - 
b) At the same time teach them that one form of kindness is to follow the rules that should be followed.

Method: Playing a game that teaches what this type of kindness feels like.  Later lesson plans will teach other types of kindness.

Step 1: Play the Color Dot Game - Sticky Hands Competition.
Place sheets of construction paper around the center of the room. We used a couple of hundred of sheets total of 6 different colors. They should be very close to each other or even touching, but do not take time to make it look or feel organized.  Random and fast is fine.

The Rules: You call out a color, and all the children jump to that color.  If they touch the carpet with one of the feet (more than just over hang) they are out.  They can jump to another color, but they have to be on the color you call in a reasonable amount of time - 3 or 4 seconds.  Then they are allowed to push other students off their color with Sticky Hands.

         Sticky Hands - they face each other and place the open palms on each other's palm, without grasping fingers.  Grasping fingers might cause injury or aggressive behavior until they understand both the game and the message, so no grasping fingers this week. Then they try to make the other person move off the called color.  You do not have to wait for any particular amount of time.  If you want them out faster, wait for them to push each other. If you want the game to last, make it about jumping colors at first.


Celebrate the winner.

Play several time.

Step 2: Game Debrief:  Ask them how it felt when they were pushed off by:
1) Someone cheating
2) Someone who let you push them off
3) Someone so big they slammed you to the ground

Draw out the answers a bit, so they understand that playing at their best is ok but hurting someone or over powering them is not ok.

That letting someone win obviously is not Kindness.

That cheating is not Kindness.

Step 3: Read Ephesians 4:32 to the students.  

Ephesians 4:32 (ESV): "Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you."

Three major points to cover - 

1) Being Kind means tenderhearted - relate that to NOT destroying someone but playing within the rules, watching out for each others safety.  Ask them how they could be tenderhearted to others in their family and lives.

2) Forgiving one another - Ask them if they are still angry at not winning.  Ask them why?  Ask them who they could forgive in their lives.

3) God in Christ, Jesus, forgave us while we were yet sinners - in other words, we were not yet Christians.  This verse means EVERYBODY, not just Christians.

Play the game again, this time with no colored paper, just facing each other trying to make the other fall down or move. Moving even one foot equals loss.  Change partners frequently.