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Psalm 107:1 - Thanksgiving Easy Sunday School Lesson Plan

Psalm 107:1 - (NIV1984): "Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever."

 Teaching the children what they need to be thankful for, and how to express there thankfulness.

Opening Drill: Have the play Random Dice, and have them experience success of failure with no control over the outcome:

Materials needed:  You either need some dice, or make some. If you want to make some, click Here to go to a website on how to do this.

How to Play the Game:  Start the game with two children, each with a single die or multiple dice.  Have them both roll the die (dice) at the same time, and have the lowest number lose.

Continue to have the winner play those in the class who have not played yet.  When you are done, make a big deal about how awesome the winner is.

How to Explain the Game
1) Ask the winner how they won and the losers how the lost. Make sure when you have gotten all the ideas out of them, that they realize that it was Random.  Nothing they did had any effect on the outcome, other than playing the game to begin with.
2) Ask them if there is a way to insure they DO NOT WIN.  You will get many strange answers.  Lead them to DON'T Play.
3) Explain that the feeling that they have when they win, that they are lucky, that they did something, perhaps their best, but in the end, they were not in control. This is the feeling we are talking about today.
4) Ask them if there is anything in their lives today that they have they did not earn, but they did participate in.  You will get strange answers, and you might get some to point out salvation.  (I have given an example of the difference between earn and getting with respect to God's interaction in our lives, and you can read that by clicking here.) Once you have played this out, get them to understand that Salvation is a unearned Gift, that they have to accept, but they have no reason to think they have earned.

If you get other ideas, don't reject them, just let them talk it out.

This is the part of the service where we do praise and worship, and take an offering.

Teaching Psalm 107:1 - (NIV1984): "Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever."

Read them the Verse.   

1) Ask them what "Give Thanks" means.  

After all the ideas are out, focus on "Saying Thank You."  Have them practice saying thank you to each other and/or to you or teachers. One way to do this, is to have them cue up into lines in front of you and any other teacher you have, and as they get to the front of the line, you give them a compliment, and the say "thank you."

2) Ask them what Good is. Don't edit for God is Good; you are looking for what feels good, looks good, is good.  Once you have them understand what good is in our lives, lead them to good behavior.  Ask them to give you examples of Good behavior.

Now ask them if they know anyone who is Good all the time.

God is the only answer.

Thanksgiving Craft: If you have the time, you can download this coloring craft, the card shown above, by clicking HERE.

Print this 4 cards per sheet on white card stock, and cut it into quarter.  You can also send it to Staples or some other printer, having it printed on white card stock, cut in quarters.  You get 4 cards per sheet.

If you have many teachers and students, break into groups, and have them talk about things they are thankful for, and how God allowed that to happen in their lives. If you want a story to explain how thankfulness can be done wrong, I have written a explanation about this very verse, and you can read it by clicking HERE

Then have them color their cards.

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