Monday, September 10, 2012

How to Deal with Mean People - Easy Sunday School Lesson Plan

Used with Permission

Purpose: To teach our students one way to deal with mean and nasty people.

Key verse: Psalm 8:9 "Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!" (ESV)

Brief: I have discovered that in my life, the key to everything is recognizing the Majesty of the Lord.  With out that reverential awe, his is just an other thing you have to learn about, but don't really understand.  Like E=MC2 (squared). This lesson will give them some things to look at that point to the Majesty of the Lord, and give scriptural backing to those observations, and then teach them to apply that truth to their lives.  Basically, if you stop to smell the roses, you will notice how awesome and intricate creation is, and then realize that he made it all for us.  Why would a God who did not love us, do so much for us before we were even born,  Once we recognize that, we can take the time to reflect that love by returning blessing for curses, just as we are asked to.  Not an issue, when you know you are loved.  Only an issue if you have to do it all for yourself.
Opening Drill: Standing Push Ups - Have students who want to play the game select a partner near their own height/weight (size) so you have a number of paired teams.  Then you show them how to do a standing Push up. [two people stand facing each other and extend their arms straight out in front of themselves, chest high, and touch palms, with elbows locked. Then, together they bend their arms slowly, keeping their backs straight, as the lower themselves toward each other by bending their arms.

Depending on how many people you have who want to do the drill, you can either have them all line up, and bring their faced an inch from each other, or time each team before the fail.  The last team to fail, or the one with the longest time without failure wins.

Teaching the Meaning of the Game:  Ask them to tell you what they think allowed them to win.  You will probably hear things like strength, power, maybe balance, all of which are part of the solution, if they have the first and foundation quality.

That quality is trust.  They must first trust their partner, or they panic, and try to fix it themselves or bail out.  Make sure, if they do not bring up trust or faith in their partner, that you do.  The last thing you mention from the drill will be faith in their partner.

Used by permission:
Once you have arrived at trust, tell them that faith in God is just like that.  If you believe that God loves you, unconditionally, then you trust him unconditionally.

If you trust him unconditionally, then you will not be overwhelmed by fear, doubt or even a desire to do everything by yourself.

Calm trust.  That is one of our gifts from God.


This is the section where we do Praise and Worship, as well as offering.

Teaching Drill: Standing Push Ups #2 - Again, have the students divide themselves into teams, this time teams of three.  The purpose of this drill is to drive home the difference between our strength, and faith/trust.

Have two partners set up for standing push-ups, and one set up for step for standing push-ups using the wall as his partner.  Say go, and see who lasts longer.

When the drill is done, ask which team most often won, the person with a wall as a partner, or the two using each other.  It will be VERY odd if the people using partners win, but you have to make sure you are the judge, disqualifying them if they cheat, wobble or fail, but do not sit down.

Explain to them that the reason the people with the wall won most often is again faith, but this time, it was faith founded on reality, strength and power of the wall.  The wall was NOT going to let them down.

Again tell them that God is just like that, only more so.  Read them the Key verse: Psalm 8:9 "Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!" (ESV)

Make sure you explain what majestic is after you read the verse, and them ask them what they think it means.  You really don't have to guide them much, just prod them to volunteer what it might mean.  I suggest you might also ask why the author might have said, Lord, Our Lord.  (Because he was making sure that God and we know that he is Our God, and we are His people.) You might also ask what God has done that is majestic.  Things like making the oceans, them, plants and animals we can eat to survive, Salvation in the Name of Jesus.  Keep it coming.

Then when you have run out of time and things of majestic proportions, ask them if a God like that is stronger than the wall they used to win the game?  If he is, then when they get made at someone who is being cruel, then all they have to do is remember how awesome their God is.  How much he has already done, and relax. God will make it work out.  He always has.  He always will.

Now they can ask God to help their tormentor come to Him, so they too can be healed.

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