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A Women of Honor and Letting God Guide Your Actions - 1 Samuel 25

Easy Sunday School Lesson Plan - Samuel 25

Purpose: Teaching the students how to follow the guidance of the Lord, and why they might want to.

Method: Have them experience the feeling of accepting guidance, and discovering that it is easier to be guided if you are already moving. The Story from the Bible is 1 Samuel 25, the Story of a Women of Honor (Abigail) doing what was right for God, by being courteous to one of God's people, David.

The section of the story that explains how Abigail was led to David is 1 Samuel 25:32- 35 (ESV) ~ And David said to Abigail, “Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel, who sent you this day to meet me! Blessed be your discretion, and blessed be you, who have kept me this day from bloodguilt and from working salvation with my own hand!  For as surely as the Lord, the God of Israel, lives, who has restrained me from hurting you, unless you had hurried and come to meet me, truly by morning there had not been left to Nabal so much as one male.”  Then David received from her hand what she had brought him. And he said to her, “Go up in peace to your house. See, I have obeyed your voice, and I have granted your petition.”  This section is not the only one you are going to read, but it is the one you are going to teach as the proof of "being lead by the Lord."

Opening Drill: Guiding You #1

Supplies - You need 3 person teams of students, a starting point and an ending point at the opposite side of the room.  We use painters tape to mark the points.  You will also need pool noodles or something to use as a pool noodle to prod the students.You will also need a blindfold of some type.

You put the blindfolded student on the starting point, tell the guides to prod the blind folded one to the ending point without talking or leaning on them, but by only using the tip of the noodle as a guide.  Place the other students in the class between the starting and ending point, and say Go.  Watch what they do to get the blind folded one moving.  Stop the game when the arrive or touch one of the seated students.

Explaining the Drill - As the students if they noticed how the blindfolded ones were encouraged to start moving.  Ask if they know what would happen if the blind folded one never moved, or if they were reluctant to start moving at the beginning of the game.  Ask if it is easier to guide someone who is already moving, or someone who is fighting you by not moving.

Explain to them that people are a lot like this game.  When we are unsure, we would rather hide, or wait for instructions.  It is very hard to teach or guide someone who is waiting to start, because you have to spend all your energy on just getting them to move.  In physics this is call inertia.  You must over come the static objects inertia just to get started.  (You might want to tell them a story of having to move a car that would not start, and how hard it is to get it moving, but how easy it is to keep in moving and to turn it, once it is rolling.  I used to park my VW in the 70's on a hill if I was having a bad battery week, and that way, I would just have to start it rolling, then jump in, and pop the clutch.)

Then tell them God is much like this as well.  He expects us to use our own abilities to determine what is right or wrong, to follow our hearts, but to stay aware of his prodding us, once we start moving.  It is hard for God to guide us anywhere, if we are waiting for him to start us moving.  We must start moving, then he can guide us.  (If you have an example in your life where you recognized God moving you in a direction once you had started a project, now is a good time to share it with them.)  Pray for them and you to be open to God's suggestions, and to have the courage to walk in the right direction or any direction, rather than letting fear control our actions, causing us to wait.

This is the part of the service where we do praise and worship, and take an offering.

Teaching Samuel 25

You should read to them the entire story using any method you wish to keep them on track, though I suggest for the next 90 days, you should use which is shown in the video below. By using the same method over and over, you and the students build familiarity with the method, and they enjoy the story telling. About the time they are getting bored with it, in our experience 90 days, you will change the method anyway.

Cool Bible Reading Way # 1

Read Samuel 25 to them, giving many breaks to explain or act out parts of the story, to keep them engaged. I Sometimes have them read a sentence, then interpret it in a loud or funny voice. Sometimes, if it is obvious, I just repeat it, sometimes I put it into children's speak.

Once you have read the story, and answered questions they have asked, you should ask some of your own.

1) What does Samuel 25:32 in the post card above mean?
2) What was Abigail's act of faith that made David so happy?
3) Who started her actions back at the farm? (She did, using common sense and her heart.)
4) How did God Guide her? Humility and Wisdom.
5) What would have happened if she did not start the process, but just stayed at home. 
6) Ask them what situations in their life have occurred, where they did nothing, because they were unsure. (You might want to suggest meeting new friends, play games even some video games, telling an adult about someone doing something dangerous, but you were afraid.  Etc.)

Final Drill: Guiding You #2

Play this game just like the one above.  I print up the postcard at the top of this blog on photo paper, and give it to the blind guys who make it to the goal.  It should be few, if you set the course up right.  You might want to print up a few extra so you can give them to the guides too.

The advanced version is played the same way, except the students in the middle are standing, with their hands extended, spinning in place, to make it more challenging.

Enjoy ... teaching is easy if you love the Lord, and you Love the kids .... be open to his guidance, and do not be afraid to move off the path, if your students need you to go in a different direction.  After all, you ARE moving already, and is is very easy to guide people of the Lord who act with their heart.  The Holy Spirit is there for YOU.

Some supplies that you might want to acquire:


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