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Confess Your Sin, Whatever that Is

Junk Bucket
What does Sin Look Like to God?

MATTHEW 5:29: ‘If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away.  It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell.’

The first illustration of the Confess Your Sin lesson plan is designed to show the students what God sees sin as.  This needs to be done in order to allow them to understand why sin stands as a problem for them in their ability to communicate with God to begin with.  If they don't understand what God sees sin as, they won't see the need to have it forgiven, or for that matter, the value of the gift that Jesus' death and Resurrection ensured for us.

Materials needed.  You need Small Cup or bucket, say a 16 oz soda cup.

a) You will need 2 somethings of value to the children that will not be ruined if covered in gunk. (Plastic coin, quarter, silver dollar.)
b) You will need some thick liquid like molasses, barbecue sauce or even chocolate sauce. 
c) You will need some salt
d) Oatmeal
e) water
f) a plastic glove or two

Put one of the "coins" at the bottom of the cup, and then layer the materials above into the cup, as thickly as you can, without disturbing the cup, trying to keep them as separate as possible.

Hold one coin up showing the children what is in the bottom of the cup, without showing them what else is in the cup. Ask them what it is.  Depending on what you put in the cup, lead the conversation to how valuable the item is, how cool it is, how much they want it, what they can do with it, etc.  Take some time to make sure they know it Looks Good!!

Then select a student to "go fishing" for the coin.  Put a plastic glove on the child (I suggest it not be a latex glove as latex sensitivity is rather common.)  Tell her/him that the "coin" is at the bottom of the cup, and they have to reach in and get it.

When they pull it out, ask them how it looks - draw out the disgusting details ... how messy it is, how they really don't want to hold it without gloves, etc.

This is where you tell them how God views Sin ... to us the coin looked awesome, and its value is real.  It can buy stuff, and looks like a good deal.  To God, sin looks like the one that came out of the cup.  Not only does the coin have NO value to God, but the person who pulled it out of the cup also needs to be cleaned now.

Sin is just like that.

Take this opportunity to pray with the children, and ask that God shows us our sin, because, like the coin, some sin looks bright, shinny and awesome to us, but to God it is dirty, slimy and disgusting.  Remain silent for a minute, to allow them to experience the "quite" of prayer, waiting on the Lord, and then finish the prayer.

The first part of service if over for us.  We do praise, worship and collection now.  You can follow whatever format your church desires.


The purpose of the second part of the lesson plan is to teach them what sin is in their lives, now that they know what it looks like to God, and how to confess it in prayer.

Sit the children down, and ask them what they think sin is.  Let them talk it out, giving ideas, even telling you some they might have committed.

Then read to them these bible verse about sin.

Deuteronomy 9:7 - (ESV): "Remember and do not forget how you provoked the Lord your God to wrath in the wilderness. From the day you came out of the land of Egypt until you came to this place, you have been rebellious against the Lord."

Ask them what rebellion is.  Ask them how we might be rebellious to the Lord.  Lead them down the path of admitting the wanting stuff more than wanting his will to be done, is a form of rebellion.  Even trying to do everything without him, is a form of rebellion

Teaching Drill: Name the Rebellion

Have them list every rebellion against God that they might see or do in their lives.  Some ideas might include:

Lazy Person - rather than doing it as if they do it for the Lord;
Angry Person - As if they were in control rather than God;
Stealing - Taking something that they want, rather than earning it or waiting of the Lord.
Temper Tantrum - Trying to control the outcome of a bad or undesired situation by acting out, rather than waiting on God.

Have them make as many situations as they can come up with.  Write each one down on a piece of paper, and select a few teams of students to "ACT OUT THE REBELLION."  Select a piece of paper at random and give it to a team.  I suggest you have 2 or three teams selected, and assign a teen or adult aid to help them come up with a "ACT."  Give them a minute or two, then have them act it out.

When you are done acting out as many rebellions as you have time for, gather them back together, read to them again the verse above.  Ask them what the result of the peoples rebellion was?  Make sure they see that the result was an Angry God, dead people, wandering the dessert for a long time, all because of rebellion.

Finish with a prayer about guiding us through finding out sins of rebellion.

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