Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christ is THE Reason for the Season

Knowing what is In Your Heart: (Duck Duck Jump)

What You Will Need:

1) You will need something soft to swing at the children's head, like a foam pool noodle.
2) You will need 1 child for each time you want to do the drill.  Takes about 60 seconds per child.

How to Play: Have the child playing the game look at you, and slowly swing the noodle either at his head or his feet.  He either ducks, or jumps.  Make sure you play the game is played in near silence until the child has your pattern down.  Do NOT try to make it too challenging.  Once he/she has it down. Start having the other children yell Jump or Duck when every they want, trying to get the child to mess up. 

Your goal is to make it obvious if the child follows what he knows is right, it works out, but if he listens to the noise around him (the world) she gets confused. 

How to teach the Lesson: Ask them what they think Christmas is really about.  Let them answer for a while.  You will hear at first stuff like family, Santa, Jesus' birthday, God, gifts, travel, vacation and the like.  Let it all hang out.  LEAD THE CONVERSATION TOWARD JESUS' BIRTHDAY.

The ask them if they know people that get bent out of shape when they hear "X-mas" or "Happy Holiday."  Ask them why people get upset.  Let them tell you.  Then read the quote on the card above.  "As long as we know in our hearts what Christmas ought to be, Christmas is."  Let them know this means it does not matter what other people think Christmas is, like in the game it does not matter what the other kids want you to do.  It matters what you know is right.  That Jesus is the reason for the season.


Make a Cross of Cups on the Floor 
Drill - This is Why: (Teaching: Knowing the Reason a thing is Done a Certain Way Makes Sense) 

Materials Needed:  A blind fold. A dozen or so cups. A child.

How to Play the Game:  Select the child, and give him these very specific Rules:

1) You must put the blind Fold ON, so that you can not see.
2) You must take the cups and build a cross on the floor, like in the picture.
3) You will be asked to spin around and around.
4) You must then destroy the Cross without destroying the cups, when I tell you to.

Purpose:  You are hoping that they will put the blind fold on FIRST.  If they do not, encourage them to without actually telling them to.  Once you have had several children do what you want, ask the other children if the Cross looked like a cross, or was it flawed?  It will be flawed if they had blindfolds on.

You then tell them you need on volunteer to do it again, but you will help that one do it the way you really wanted.  Tell them to build the cross.  Then put the blind fold on. Take the blind fold off.  Spin them around and around.  Have them take the Cross apart.

This will teach them that the meaning and order that things are done makes doing them far easier. Don't teach this section if the people you are talking to, including yourself are offended by it.  Just teach what Holiday means instead.

Read the verse: Matthew 1:21 (ESV) - "She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins."

Set the stage for them by telling them that Mary was talking to the Angle of the Lord, who just told her she was going to be pregnant, even though she was not married.  She knew that they could stone her, kill her, for that.  Then ask them why the angle of the Lord might have told Mary this.  Let them say every thing they have. Lead them if you have to, to get them to give you reasons.  

You wrap it up by telling them that Mary needed to know what was going to happen, and why, so that it would be understandable to her.  That is also why it is in the Bible for us to read and know.  This is one of the great miracles that surrounds Jesus' birth, the reason for the season.

Extra material: If you have time, and you deem that your children are ready for this much truth.

Ask them what some followers of Christ think about people saying, "Happy Holidays."  Let them talk it out.  Then ask them if they know what Holiday means.  Let them talk it out.  Then tell them the truth.  It means holy day. Then ask if they can imagine Jesus getting all bent out of shape about someone wishing him a happy holy day.  Then remind him that Jesus only went out of his way to point out the evil in men's faith if they were educated and should have been knowledgeable. We do NOT wish to be a stumbling block for others, so we have to pick when we say whatever we say.

Purpose of this in NOT to be PC, but rather not to intimidate others through our own ignorance.  I wish many many many people merry Christmas.  I just pick those I say it too.  If I know they are Jewish or Islam or anti Christ, I might say Holiday, since it MEANS holy day, and Christmas is certainly that.  I wish to witness to the lost more than I wish to build my own faith.