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Look for the Lost Sheep - Easy Sunday School #3 - Luke 19:10

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1) Experience the Lesson:

WHERE IS MY MONEY -  You need 1 student who is active, fast, and who has indomitable spirit.

Show the student a 50 cent coin, or a dollar bill, or something that will excite him enough to hunt for it.

Have him turned around and “blinded” so he can not see you hide it among the other students.

Turn him around, and tell him if he finds it in 60 seconds he can keep it or he can have candy or KOTK coins. (Feel free to make him dizzy or as confused as you can manage - fun is the Point right now.)

If he does not find the coin, give him another chance, and this time hide it with some noise and in an easier place. Don’t make it too obvious. Challenge is necessary for the lesson, but so is success.

2. Explanation of the Drill: Ask him what he felt like when he was looking for the coin. (Lead him to the conclusion that it was important to him, and he left no stone unturned, so to speak.) Explain to the class that this desire to find the lost coin, and the energy that was spent looking for it is similar to what today’s message is about.

3) Verse of the Day:  (Teaching familiarity with the words) Read the verse then read it by sections and have them repeat it after you. Luke 19:10 "For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost."  Explain that Jesus wants to find us, just like you wanted to find the money, and will never give up on them.

Then see how fast they can say it. Divide the class into 4 teams, and have them each team say it as fast as the can, rotating from Team 1, 2, 3 and four, around the teams 4 times, so each team has said it 4 times.

Then time them to see which team says it the fastest.  Reward each team, more to the fastest team.

Crab Walking
4) Crab Walk Hunt: – Pick at least 2 teams of four students for this drill. Take the 4 pieced of the verse, above, and cast them at random around the room, even in with the other students. Have the first team all in the crab or reverse crab position. When you say go, the go and find the lost pieces of paper, and bring them up to an appointed place in the front, no mater how odd it makes them look. The can not use their hands to grab the paper.

5) The Word in Action: Read the entire class the story, Luke 19:1-10. Take your time, explain anything that is difficult. Let them know you will be asking questions and reward correct answers about the story and its meaning.

After you have read the story, ask questions about the story of the day giving rewards to those who answer the questions correctly. Please make the questions simple one, building confidence.  If you have children who know more, they will gladly let you know that, without you having to single them out by asking really adult level questions.  Go with your heart tuned to Jesus and aimed at the children.  Remember, it is NOT about you.  It is about THEM and Jesus.

5) The Word in Acting: Three Headed Preacher: (if you have extra time)

Pre-select 3 students to take this role. They stand together with their arms on each others shoulders, and have to tell the story, each in turn, saying ONLY ONE WORD AT A TIME. If they are good, you can have them sing it.

Be prepared to laugh.  This is an intellectual exercise as well as a bible study drill.  I normally have myself and adult or teen leaders do one with me, so they get the idea first.


Anne & Paul

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