Monday, September 5, 2011

Blind Faith Lesson Plan #2 "The Empty Tomb"

John 20:29 -  Then Jesus told him, "You believe because you have seen me. Blessed are those who haven't seen me and believe anyway."

(Before you read this Lesson Plan, the Basics for Easy Sunday School - Lesson 1 - Should be read!)

Blind Faith Drill

Blind Mice
This drill requires 6 people: 1 leader, 5 blind followers. Set the leader in a chair from which he can not move, the 5 blind followers on the other side of the room, with an adult leader touching them so they do not feel isolated. Once they are blind folded, place 5 chairs near the leader, and have each of the 5 parts of the verse on the chairs. The leader has to lead with his voice the blind students to their chair, have them pick up the verse, hold it right side up, and so he can read it, and read it out loud, in the correct order. Make sure the verse is in the correct order on the chairs.

Have 2 teams and reward both teams if they achieve the goal of reading the verse. Make sure they succeed. Give the team that does the whole drill in the shortest time a bigger reward.
Encourage the other students to confuse the teams by reciting the verse out loud. You can assign leaders.

What Would it Take – Experiencing the Verse of the day.

For this story you need 1 student who will act as the victim of a heinous crime. You need 5 stickers to act as weapon entry marks. Any stickers will do, realism IS NOT NECESSARY. Place 4 on the chest, and one on the side of the “victim.”  Have the victim lay down behind you as if he was dead as you tell the story.

You need 1 or 2 students to play the roll of the witnesses of his getting up in the hospital. You need someone to act as the doctor, the police officer and the ambulance driver. You need a few students to act as the 200 who saw him die, and you need a robber, played by the teacher.
As you read the story, have the students act it out.

 What Would it Take for you to Believe this Story.
Once upon a time a man was robbed and stabbed 5 times, and he died in the middle of the street. This person here is representing this man. 200 people saw him die, and the police and ambulance driver all confirmed he had died.

They took him away, and while he was in the hospital, a doctor examined him. The doctor confirmed he was indeed dead. The doctor left the room and the man suddenly sat up. Looked around, took off the sheet, and walked out of the hallway they had left him in on the stretcher.
50 People saw him, talked to him, before he left the hospital, and he has never been seen since.

If this were a true story, and this, point to the student playing the role of the man in this story, is the man in the story, what would it take you to believe this happened.

(Ask the students: Lead them in the direction of the obvious questions, like: 1) I would like to hear what the doctors said, if he was really dead. 2) I would like to talk to the police to see if it really happened, 3) I would talk to the crowd to see what they saw, 4) I would like to see the wound on the man,  5) I would like to talk to those who saw him walk away. ETC.  Have them ask the witnesses.

Purpose: You are leading to the passion of Christ and his resurrection. You are having them experience the type of questions that were asked and answered in the Bible about the death and resurrection of Jesus.

The Tomb is Empty and he has Risen

Divide the Class into 2 to 5 teams, and let them know that Candy or other rewards are on the line for listening skills. There will be a test, contest in fact, at the end of the story. 

They need to be able to answer questions like, Who saw Jesus die? Who testified to his resurrection at the empty tomb?, Angles, Women, disciples and Peter, Who talked to the living Jesus after he rose from the dead? Jesus’s followers, on the road and back in Jerusalem; What do the other Gospels tell us about who saw and touched Jesus after he rose from the dead?  Ask them the questions above plus whatever you think they should know.  REMEMBER, YOU ARE NOT TEACHING THEM HOW MUCH YOU KNOW.  YOU ARE TRYING TO GET THEM TO KNOW.  SO WHEN YOU READ, EMPHASIZE THE IMPORTANT PARTS.  EVEN ASK THEM RIGHT AFTER YOU READ A PART THEY SHOULD REMEMBER, TO TELL YOU WHAT YOU JUST SAID.  REWARD DIFFERENT CHILDREN FOR ANSWERING.

Read them Luke 23 - The Death of Jesus

Read them Luke 24 - The Resurrection of Jesus

Now ask the questions above.  make a big deal about getting them right.  Reward the effort.

Now is the time to explain the significance of the risen Lord, how only someone who hated the Lord could deny what has happened, and then ask if they would like to be certain they could go to heaven?

Follow you heart.

Song –QUITE – ask them to come to the alter and beg them to ask for a team member to pray with them if they want to accept Jesus NOW or if they want to come closer to him NOW.


This is the verse you should print up and cut up for the chairs.  The different colors are the different parts.

John 20:29
Then Jesus told him, "You believe because you have seen me. Blessed are those who haven't seen me and believe anyway."

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